Suzuki in Schools

Did you know there are over a dozen schools in London offering Suzuki lessons during the school day, all taught by dedicated, highly qualified Suzuki teachers? These schools are part of the Suzuki in Schools Initiative (SuSI) founded and directed by LSG teacher Kate Conway. Most of the schools offer a 50% discount for kids on free school meals. Please get in touch with Kate if you’d like to see Suzuki lessons offered in your school!

Shining Light Goa is a Suzuki teaching outreach program headed by LSG teacher Clare Raybould which started in Goa, India, in conjunction with the Educators’ Trust India, in 2012. The project aims to bring the beauty of Suzuki’s philosophy and quality music instruction to communities of children who otherwise would not have these opportunities. If you would like to volunteer or donate to this wonderful cause, or just to find out more, visit

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