LSG Sash or Tie

LSG concert dress


The Liberty Tana Lawn material called Wiltshire may be obtained from the BSI shop who can also advise on dressmakers. The material costs £10 per metre and you should allow one and one half metres for a 5 year old’s dress. White blouse/polo- neck under pinafore dresses.

Made up sashes are £7 each available from the LSG office or BSI music shop. Please pass on any dresses or sashes you no longer need. Older girls may wear a white shirt with knee-length or mid-calf length black skirt with a Wiltshire material sash. Tights with navy or black polished shoes. Black trousers and shoes are also acceptable.

We have a new collection of girl’s LSG sashes – now available with a stiff backing that doesn’t roll or crumple. Available from the LSG office or BSI music shop for £12.50 each.


White shirt (tucked in) with black or dark plain trousers, dark socks, a navy LSG tie. Black shoes. No trainers. Small and large ties may be obtained from the LSG office or BSI Music shop, price £7 each.


Tel: 020 3176 4172
The music shop is open from 9.30am to 12.30pm, Monday to Friday.