Group Lessons

A Vital Component of the Suzuki Method

Group lessons are one of the wonderful ‘perks’ of the Suzuki method – supplementary to individual lessons but just as important! Your child will be extremely motivated by playing alongside his or her peers, and of course, this accelerates the rate of learning as they absorb ‘strengths’ from each other. Being part of a regular group is also beneficial for you, as Suzuki parents! You will get to be part of a smaller circle of our community, and the support system you, your teacher, and your children will form will be an invaluable motivation for all. Aside from the social aspect that group lessons provide, the students will be learning and honing the following skills and reaping the following benefits:

  • Playing together – in time and as ‘one’ (this translates later on into essential skills for playing in orchestra and chamber music groups)
  • Listening
  • Multitasking whilst playing
  • Team work
  • Leadership skills
  • Musicianship
  • Honing and exercising skills learned in individual lessons
  • Having other students to look up to and also to set an example for
  • Taking responsibility for their own ‘space’ in the music (such as small solos within a group piece, or ‘part’ in pieces with several melodies playing simultaneously)
  • More and more fun!

Prospective students and their families are encouraged to observe group classes and individual lessons before beginning instruction. In the first instance, check with your teacher or a teacher in your area to find out about group lessons currently being offered.